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Honoring Kathy Hoag in her retirement

Kathy Hoag headshot

A Quarter Century of Service

Longtime MICU Executive Assistant Kathy Hoag Retires

Kathy was honored by the MICU presidents, Michigan Legislature, and Governor Snyder, with a special tribute on September 20, 2017.

With a career spanning more than four decades and an unwavering commitment to hundreds of thousands of Michigan degree-seekers, Kathy Hoag is one of the unsung heroes of our state’s higher education sector.

This month she leaves her post at Michigan’s Independent Colleges and Universities following 25 years of service, having witnessed unprecedented changes during her career.

“Sometimes I still miss using a typewriter,” Kathy said. “I love typing and hearing it.”

Typewriters, steno pads and shorthand were the tools of Kathy’s trade when she began working at Olivet College in 1970.

“I began working in the brand-new Center for Economic Education under a professor named Myrtle Beinhauer,” Kathy remembered. “She was dynamic but tough, and it was a good training ground for me.”

Soon Kathy’s work was noticed by Olivet’s alumni department. Her quick memory for names and faces made her a natural fit for the office and, when Michigan State University tried to lure her away with a new job, college leaders reached out to her personally.

“They made it clear they wanted me to stay, so I stayed,” Kathy said. “I worked at Olivet for many years and ultimately found myself in the development office, then serving for twelve years as assistant to college president Don Morris.”

It was from this office that Kathy came to MICU.

“Don Morris was chair of the MICU executive committee the year they were looking for a new assistant, and they asked me to interview,” Kathy said. “Everything fell into place and I came to work for the Association on July 27, 1992.”

Kathy quickly became enamored of the association and its work.

“I always have felt our work to protect the Michigan Tuition Grant and support the thousands and thousands of students in our state is tremendously important,” Kathy said. “I am very grateful to have been part of that. Every late night, every memo—they all mattered and I’m so proud of all we have accomplished together.”

When looking back on her career, Kathy said it’s the people that have made it so special.

“We have a great team that cares in a way that goes beyond the desk,” Kathy said. “I’ve been lucky to learn and share with such dedicated people. We work hard. We have a purpose. We have a team.”

It’s a team that will miss Kathy’s contributions.

“Kathy has helped bring our office into the 21st century,” said MICU President Robert LeFevre. “During her years with us, the world of office administration has changed extraordinarily. Her fantastic people skills, her willingness to keep learning, and her loyalty are unique qualities we will sincerely miss and, quite frankly, be unable to fully replace.”

Kathy’s last day with MICU was August 24, 2017.