Higher Education Benefits Alliance

MICU partnered with the already established Higher Education Benefit Alliance (HEBA) in 2014.  HEBA takes advantage of the employee benefits buying power of the  volume associated with multiple colleges and universities through an extensive RFP process.   The process allows each institution participating to avoid many hurdles that are often associated with consortium efforts.  For instance, the program does NOT mandate that the colleges share risk, and there is also no need to conform to a unified plan design or change current employee offerings.   The benefit to each college is that more leverage exists to push carriers for better pricing, as carriers are not considering just one new college, but instead many for new business.

Multiple MICU schools of varying sizes have benefitted dramatically from this program.  To date, this includes securing savings for Life, Long Term Disability, Short Term Disability , Voluntary Life, medical stop loss, and other benefit programs by participating.  It’s simple to learn about the process through Northwest Comprehensive’s straightforward approach.  Please contact us to learn more.